Updated NADbank Resource Booklets Available Online

The following NADbank resource materials are now available through the NADbank website in digital flipbook format:

  1. Daily Newspaper and Research Terms
  2. Margin of Error
  3. Sample Size Guidelines
  4. Measuring Newspaper Readership Since 1986
  5. Understanding Averages
  6. A Guide to Developing Proprietary Questions in NADbank Studies
  7. 2011 Study Guide
  8. How the 2011 Study is Conducted

To be released:

  1. Planning Using NADbank (Updated)
  2. Getting the Right Sample (New)

The benefits to NADbank users!

  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to use
  • Enhanced user customization:
    • Add highlights, notes and bookmarks to each publication
    • Permanently bookmark your added highlights and notes
    • Multiple views and zoom for easy reading
    • Advanced keyword search tool – skip to the page you want
    • Easily share each publication with others
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